Markers FFOC and LFOC

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Re: Markers FFOC and LFOC

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carl wrote: Mon Mar 28, 2022 9:36 pm
If I make the DCP with the GUI, in interop, there are not markers and everything works correctly
Are you talking about the 2.16.5 GUI here?

Is it possible to test 2.16.8 and see if that's better?
No, are old version.
in the link can you check two CPL (made with gui e made with cli....cli not work in cinema)

p.s. how i upgrade my version dcpomatic on ubuntu server?
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Re: Markers FFOC and LFOC

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It would be interesting to try 2.16.8 as that has one fix that might help (not writing empty LabelText tags). On Ubuntu server you should just be able to install the new .deb.
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